Tway - Context menu

Tway - Context menu


Tway is a Twitter client for Microsoft Windows which uses a very suble approach to UI. Mostly the only thing you will see from the client is a small icon in your system tray.

Tway was designed with one goal in mind: Simplicity. And while it might not look as neat and polished as some other Twitter clients do (especially on Apple-brand platforms) it will certainly be more quick to use, let alone the consumption of important system resources.

Note: Please follow [@tway (on][1] for updates on Tway.


  • Simple UI

    Does not get in your way and does not place a burden on your computer.

  • Global Hotkey

    Do updates from anywhere on your desktop (currently fixed to Windows-Alt-T).

  • Quick Reply

    Just click on the message balloons to send a reply.

  • Timeline Caching

    Access your timeline, even when you are offline.

  • Automatic Throttling

    Uses information from the Twitter servers to stop itself, if the limit is near (requests to the Twitter servers are limited by Twitter).

  • Automatic Update (since 1.0.264)

    Tway can check for updates and apply them itself.


No download available at the moment. Will be made available again shortly.